Login to the DNS provider for domain verification

I need to login to the DNS provider for domain verification. I created a website through Durable and I found out that it turned out to be hosted by Cloudflare. Now I am trying to setup an email address at Zoho, linking that email address with my website, and I am asked to verify my domain. So I have to know which is my DNS provider.

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Without knowing your domain name, no one can answer your question.

in this article ( [Preformatted text](https://help.durable.co/en-US/how-to-add-or-link-an-external-custom-domain-name-190485)) from Durable, it says that you need to chat with their support and they will be able to help you.

I will try that. Thanks a lot.

It is slovakllc dot com. I wrote it that way because this chat does not allow links.

No match for domain "SLOVAKLLC.COM".
>>> Last update of whois database: 2023-07-15T23:29:54Z <<<

Did I spell it correctly?

Sorry, I wrote it wrong. It’s “SLOVAKZLLC dot COM”. The Z was missing…

This domain does not use Cloudflare DNS. The whois matches the same nameservers returned in the following DNS query.

dig ns SLOVAKZLLC.com +short

So how could I do the domain verification requested by Zoho? The recommended method presented by them is to add a TXT record in my domain host, by signing in to my domain host, locating the option to add TXT records, and adding a TXT record that they give. I do not even know how to sign in to my domain host (that seems to be several domain hosts, am I correct?)

It is not. They are all DNS Simple.

You will need to ask DNS Simple.

I’ll read that documentation. Thanks a lot!

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