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Hi, I have a site that points to a server via DNS. I have passed the name servers to Cloudflare, but if I log in … it enters but it disconnects immediately! What could be the problem? thank you

What is that site?

Login with what? What disconnects? Error message?

I enter the site, I log in but after 1 second I log out

The problem is the caching. Because if i enable " Development Mode" login page is valid and i enter into my site. How i can to disable caching?

Hi @raffaele.alfieri,

Cloudflare doesn’t cache dynamic content by default, but if it works in development mode, it would suggest a caching issue.

Do you have any ‘cache everything’ page rules set up in Cloudflare?

i have only " Always Online™"…

If you want to completely disable caching, you can set a page rule covering *domain.tld/* and set Cache level to ‘Bypass’. This should have a similar effect to development mode.



if i use HTTPS login is OK…but if i use HTTP login KO! why??? i have using bypass :frowning:

news? :frowning:

Can you attach a screen shot of the error? Did you set up the bypass cache page rule @domjh shared?

Is this a correct summary of your issue?

if you login to your site from https://example.com you can administer your site but when you login from http://example.com, you are immediately logged out.

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