Login "remember me" option?

I find it annoying that the login doesn’t have a “remember me” option, especially since I also have the 2FA active and I have to basically enter the credentials and the OTP every single day (each time I use the dashboard). But I just realized that this might only affect me, since I can find screenshots on the web from other users that seem to have the remember me option on their login page:

This is what I see (remember me is missing):

So is this option only active for some users or was it active for everyone and now is disabled? Also, is there a way to at least remember the 2FA verification so that I don’t have to use the phone to generate a pass every single time?

Long discussion right here:

I don’t really understand how forcing users to enter the 2FA every time makes it safer. For me personally, it incentivizes me to disable the 2FA altogether. In conclusion, it seems like we won’t get the “remember me” back anytime soon.

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