Login problem with partner account #1835320

I need a human assistance on ticket #1835320.

The issue is, my business account is registered as partner, but it seems cloudflare somewhat fails to send me password reset email on partner login page.

All I’ve been asking is to send a password reset to my registered address, but for two days, I haven’t received any answer I’m looking for.

Hi sorry for the issues with this, I can see the tickets and exchange with Support. Seems the issue is the email account, you contacted Support from one address asking about another. From the last comment from the engineer, you need to contact them from the address you’re asking about.

I use google app (gsuite) and cf registered address is actually a virtual account that always forwards its message to my personal address on the same domain.

Currently gmail somewhat doesn’t send message from the virtual address, so if cf can send me, that would be much easier and faster.

I just received the reset mail. Thanks for your support!

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