Login problem in Two Factor E-mail

I have a problem with login in my account. When I try to login, the website shows a message about two factor email, but since the last week I am not receiving this e-mail message. I already contacted my email provider but they answared me that they haven’t received any emails from Cloudflare. There are no blocks to Cloudflare.

What do I do now?


Can you try now @paginaamarela? Your email ended up on an internal suppression list and I can see the bounced mail. Sorry for the trouble. LMK if that works ok for you.

Hello. I tried a few minutes ago but the problem persists. I didn’t receive the email. I already checked the spam, but isn’t there.

Anyone could help me?

Can you try now? I just removed the account from the suppression list again.

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I tried now but I didn’t receive.

Can you change my account’s email to the same e-mail that administers the paginaamarela.com.br domain? Because this is a email from Hotmail, I think will resolve the problem.

I show the account as verified and did not send a token, just removed from the suppression list.

It already is. And, I cannot make changes to your account, nor do I see any hotmail addresses in use. The account you are using here is the account I show as owning the domain.

Are you following the steps here?

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Yes I now. I tried the login again and the website showed a message that email for two factor verification was sended, but I didn’t recive it yet.

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This is the view, but I haven’t received the email.

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hmm, lets get some more eyes on this, can you please email support AT Cloudflare DOT com, include a link to this thread, Login problem in Two Factor E-mail - #9 by paginaamarela and let them know the issue? Please share your ticket number here so that I can follow-up. Sorry for the pain.

Please email them from the account email that owns the zone. I don’t know/understand where/how the hotmail address you mentioned applies to this but wondering if it’s a confusion wtih accounts?

Thansk for your help. I sent the e-mail. The ticket is [#2362020]

About the hotmail email, my suggestion was change my email account to the same email that I have registred in my domain. Fallow this link about my domain and see the e-mail registred: Whois - Registro.br


Ah, thank you and understood. The email mismatch does not matter, I do something similar on some of my older domains - they use a gmail account with the registrar and my different account with Cloudflare.

I have added myself to your ticket to track.

I see my colleague just replied, can you try now?

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