Login problem - Auth failed (Code: 10302)

In Firefox, I always have the following error message, "Auth failed (Code: 10302) " in login page (https://dash.cloudflare.com/login). In Google Chrome, I was logged in.

Clear the Firefox cache and restart the browser or retry in private mode.

Thanks. I have tried private mode, but it didn’t work.

I may figure out the reason.

By default, Firefox Enhanced Tracking Protection is enabled. When I turned off the Standard protection, I can access to the dashboard.

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Did you try to clear your cache as @MarkMeyer suggested? How are you logging into the forum account? Is that a different address?

same problem here. clearing cache made no difference. setting browser to private mode did.

it would be nice if this could be fixed.

Did you close the browser after clearing the cache? Did you clear „all time“ or just a few days?
Are there any add ons active?

restarted browser and cleared all time

from your hint on add-ons i determined it to be the dark reader extension for firefox. i’ll disable the extension for cloudflare.com

Well, according to the screenshot from the TO, it really seems to be the issue. The background there is dark too.