Login Not Working

Hi All!
I am using firefox to use Cloudflare.
But the login doesn’t work while I use the dark theme plugin from addons store.

After I disable the plugin, Cloudflare login works well.
It keeps saying please refresh the page.

I have no problems, but I created this topic to improve Cloudflare and it’s functions to be compatible with other addons.


Which extension exactly? However that is probably an issue better raised with the extension developer as it seems to be the extension breaking the login here.

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It’s the Dark Mode reader for Firefox.
And it is ONLY AFFECTING Cloudflare nothing else, no other websites. All other work good.


And I am just reporting a bug, I am just helping Cloudflare to improve nothing else. If you want, you can ignore this and let Authority see.

That’s the point I am trying to make. This is unlikely a bug on Cloudflare. You best contact the developer and clarify with him why his extension breaks the site.

Okay sure. I will make a point.
Meanwhile i switch of dark mode actually on Cloudflare :joy:

Thanks for this, I was like wtf? I tried Chrome yesterday, and it worked just fine. But then I got the same dark theme plugin for Chrome, not even thinking about it and now today I could not login from either. >_< I just turned it off and bam, good to go.

Yeah I know that’s why i thought that I should inform it here for public good.

Did you contact the developer? Just posting here won’t fix the issue :slight_smile:

Actually I have not got time till now to search for the developer. I m sorry but I was busy.

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