Login issues as well

Hi @pmjcreations, just noticed you’re also @hmwo and the comment on contacting Support.

BTW, if you open a ticket, they’ll assign it to me to review, we can do that here without a ticket if you like. I don’t see an issue with permissions nor access for the @hmwo account, but lmk if you’re still having login issues with that account.

Hello @cloonan,

Yes, I am the same, and I see the error still exists for my @hmwo user.

As I said, this issue started popping up after I changed the email address as mentioned at Can I get another pair of Nameservers from Cloudflare?

Please give me some time. I will share a few screenshots or a screen recording video with you privately.

I am sure that will help you.

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Here is the video of the error.


I can SSO from my main account, but not with my @hmwo.

By the way, this issue is not something blocking me. But I am a community member, and I wish to help ourselves here.

So, that we can make the world more awesome :slight_smile:

:hugs: to you, @cloonan

Indeed, HTTP 429 was new to me.

Please edit this post and remove the video link once you are ready :wink:

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Thank you, the video is really helpful. I deactivated and re-activated your other account but I’m guessing that is not the issue. This feels to me more like an issue with SSO where we will need to loop in Support. I’ll kick off that process and let you know a ticket number.

You may receive an deactivate/reactivate email from the Community and if you do can try to login and see if it works…my guess is it will not.

Thank you!

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