Login Is Telling me I am Using an Unrecognised IP

Login Authentication

You’re attempting to log into Cloudflare from an unrecognized IP Address. Please enter the Authentication Token that was sent to the email associated with this account.

I am using the only Desk Top and same IP address - I am not getting an Authentication Token - I cannot contact Support - as I have to log in to my Account - Which I cannot do as the Authentication Token hasn’t been received.


@cloonan might be able to check.

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Sorry for the issues @airencon. Can you email the details to support AT cloudflare DOT com? LMK when you’ve done that and I’ll add myself to the ticket.

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@erictung @cloonan - I have sent an email to Support - thank you and hopefully something can be sorted out.

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You should have received an automated response. Make sure you reply to say you still can’t log in and it will escalate to a human. Also, please post the ticket number here.


@cloonan I have the same “unrecognized IP Address” problem using my paid account. The problem is that all emails sent to the email address associated with my paid account are bouncing. This started a couple days ago so I have not been able to login for two days. I created this free account just so I could scour the community for answers and help. I also have a help ticket in but there’s no reply yet.

Sorry for the trouble, @cogent1. I removed the account from the suppression list, let me know if you are back on the road successfully. Also, once you login, you can check opt in status from the my profile page.

Let us know if you are able to access now.


Thank you @cloonan, it’s still asking me to authenticate when I try to log in. I’m referring to the account associated with my email {redacted}

@cloonan , this is the message I receive when trying to login,

“You’re attempting to log into Cloudflare from an unrecognized IP Address.”

We will send that message when we detect a new ip.

Can you attach a screen shot of what you are receiving/seeing?

I am tagging your post for a colleague to take a look at. It looks like the domain was moved and when added again a lot of incorrect records were picked up.

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Here are the screenshots.

{redacted 2nd image}

Thank you. You’re help is greatly appreciated. Please LMK as soon as you can what I need to do. I’m three days without email now and my business is hindered without it.

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Perhaps if I could get this MX record correct it would at least allow me to verify my account so I can log in. I’ve went over everything with my email host and web host as far as we can tell, all is correct on their end. But this MX record appends a bunch of machine generated characters to it.

MX record report

Sorry, that MX record was an older screenshot. Here is the current one,

Your ‘mail’ “A” record referenced in the highlighted MX record should be set to :grey: DNS Only. Click on the :orange: to change it.


Hi @cogent1 I show the last token as delivered, can you search for “you login token is” in your email?

Those characters are not showing on the mx record in the dns app of your dash.

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That’s the alias created for :orange: MX record hostname. Prepends, I suppose.


I think these are the two records I created to coincide with the MX records. They are on the grey cloud but I’m not sure I did it correctly, or if this is the correct A Record data. I entered this IP from my domain info I found. I’ve been grasping at straws with this.

It still behaves as if it’s proxied.

Can you scroll down on that page and confirm that the two Cloudflare name servers assigned to you are Elisabeth and Ricardo?