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After adding to Cloudflare there are some issues, such as login fields are not displayed, etc…, but I solved those issues with community help. but now I’m stuck in another problem.it is, when I log in with entering username and password, it’s only loading but the browser tab not getting to the corresponding page(dashboard). only loading. please help me what can be the issue

I had got this from inspect elements (i already disabled “rocket loader in Cloudflare settings”)

That sounds vaguely familiar. Are you on a paid plan with WAF enabled?

Do you see any entries in Firewall Events Log?

Do you have any Page Rules?

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Additional question from me: are you using Flexible SSL mode?

Yes sir I’m using flexible mode

how about the one that @sdayman asked?

No I’m using free plan
Some logs are happened on firewall overview

Any logs triggered related to the login URL?

Anyway, can you try switch the SSL mode to Off first?

Ok I’ll try

Did you try your website in another browser? e.g. Chrome

In Firefox, working properly
But in other browsers (chrome, brave) error happens
But when I manually refresh it will login.

Did u experience the same issue before you onboard Cloudflare?

@sdayman any ideas?

No sir,now I disable ssl from cloudfare. Now it’s working properly

Shall I enable it again?

According to your screenshot it looks like the request may have been cancelled from the browser side. Did you have any errors in the console?

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Yes console has an error loged

Here’s my guess:

  1. You had issues with Flexible mode. Flexible means visitor to Cloudflare: HTTPS, but Cloudflare to your server: HTTP.
  2. Your browser is sending HTTPS request to Cloudflare, but the traffic needs to be converted back to HTTP in order to communicate with your server.
  3. And this is where the issue arises.
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Get a SSL certificate installed in your server, and make sure all the links are in HTTPS instead of HTTP. You can see that in the console log, browser is trying to send form data to HTTP endpoint, but blocked by CSP.

Cloudflare provides free origin certificate and you can use it to install in your server.

After that, then switch SSL mode to Full (strict) mode.

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Ok I’ll try
Thanks all for being with me!

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