Login is a PITA!

I use the browser Pale Moon. Every time I try to login it seem like the login page is code heavy and sometimes doesn’t resolve to my login. Just now for the first time I couldn’t login at all. Kept saying my season was expired and I had to enter my Authy code several times to no available. I tried a plain vanilla Firefox and got the same thing. Finally after like the sixth attempt I was logged in.

I have NEVER had so much trouble logging into a website before in my life! All I needed to do was block and IP and a good 10 minutes of my time was wasted trying to login. This has got to be fixed. And I thought Bitbucket’s login was a major code heavy PITA.

Raptor, can you take a screencast next time that happens?

Also consider using LastPass. Then you can have all your browsers never remember form fills and passwords. This makes browsers much faster. Also syncs your forms and logins across all devices.

Also consider using Brave browser. It blocks trackers and cross-site evilness. Because of this, it is also the fastest browser currently (in my unofficial testing).

Looks like the issue is fixed.

As to passwords I use Keepass and I backup its database all over including on DVD/RW and Blu-ray RE disks. I like Pale Moon and I have a wealth of escurity/privacy add-ons installed, WebRTC is offf, etc but then again that can cause issues, but I haven’t had any issues until now. I also run my browser in Sandboxie which is now freeware BTW.