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Hi all,

Our main company website is using Cloudflare since this weekend.
It all works perfectly for most of our customers, however for some (so far all outside UK, when we are in UK), struggle on some specific pages, login page, reset password for instance, and in general forms submitted via post method.

Here’s a link for instance:

I’m on it since 2 or 3 days now, but can’t find the issue.
First thought it might just be a DNS propagation problem, but I’m not that sure anymore.

I didn’t have any problem in UK, but managed to recreate the problem, connecting from France.

Anybody encountered the same sort of problems, or would have some advise?

Thank you,

www.biwine.com is not resolving to a Cloudflare IP address; it resolves to It also doesn’t seem to be responding. Actually, a few minutes later now, it is responding. In any case, you probably have not enabled Cloudflare… go to the DNS tab and make sure the entry for www.biwine.com is set to “proxied”.

Hi robertcope,

Yeah, sorry I had to turn if off as we had a lot of custoemrs complaining.
I’ve turn it back on now if you don’t mind having another look

I’m not seeing any issues with the site… of course, I don’t have a login, but I was able to go through the “forgot password” form without any problem.

Thank you robertcope,

May I ask you from which country you have tested from ?

I am in the USA.

Thank you for letting me know.
After lot of testings, seems like the problem was coming from Argo.
Disabled it and everything is fine now.

Many thanks for your help.

Interesting. I have not had any issues with Argo. I use it on several very global sites that get tens of millions of hits a month. Have you contacted support? I imagine they would be very interested in this.

Good point!
I will let them know.


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