Login Error

For some reason I cannot login to my dashboard today. Two error messages flash up very quickly and then disappear and so I may not have the wording quite right…

Authentication Error - Unexpected Login Error
API Call Rejected

Strangely the Dashboard authenticated me fine to login here at the community, but not for the main site.


yp, same here, sometimes it looks ok, but than after 2 seconds i am redirected to the login page.
Just this sunday morning i had to work on our dns, aagh

You could be affected by this:


Hi there,

Sorry for the issues you are facing here.

Cloudflare is aware of, and investigating an issue that potentially impacts multiple customers being unable to use Cloudflare API and/or log onto Cloudflare Dashboard.

We will post updates on our status page at Cloudflare Status - Cloudflare API & Dashboard availability issues

Thank you all for responding. I’ll be patient.


I’m back in now. Thanks for the help.

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