Login deactivated down business - NOT RESOLVED

Same problem with 300 domains… This is scandalous and worthy of complaint, which I will probably do if the situation is not resolved soon!

Same problem, opened a ticket with no response. I don’t understand why it’s marked as solved when is obvious that’s not

it’s like a fast food drive-thru. Keep it under 2 minutes no matter what. Go ahead and pull up to the parking lot and we will bring you your food out 5 minutes later (still counts as under 2 minutes). So the stats and issues seem lower than they really are is my guess. IDK
I DO KNOW my business is suffering (being 100% down) and their “no response” is salt in an open wound. Not sure how any of this is legal (no matter what country you live in) to be honest.

CLOUDFLARE, I warn you, if by the end of Friday 5 July 2024 all the domains and DNS zones that were present have not been restored, we will PROCEED LEGALLY because it is not possible for an agency to find itself with 350 websites and more than 1200 unreachable emails!

@t2admin can you follow up with Support on ticket 3324297 on their request from yesterday?

Once you do that, the agent will be able to follow up with Registrar Support team regarding the status of the sites/domain

Please, avoid creating more tickets and chats, it won’t speed up the process. The team will continue updates on ticket 3324297.

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The solution for us suggested by cloudflare was to

  1. add each website back to the account
  2. DNS would repopulate automatically
  3. update registrar with new nameservers

The last step for us involved updating the ticket to have CF internal registrar department manually update the new name servers for all domains.

And after all that, we are still going through all previously connected clients accounts to re-add them one by one. In doing this step I am able to start helping other clients in the same position we were in.

This has been a complete nightmare, thus far and I can not find a public statement as to what happened and why. (is this to protect stock who knows) It is obvious that they did not have any backups to restore or the backups were destroyed.

To be locked out of my account, deleted from existence, and not able to control my registrar and be 100% down almost 5 days with no helpful responses for days should result in a complete overhaul of how CF handles their support moving forward!

Remember, CF “deleted our accounts” themselves to deal with some issue. A hacker did not delete our accounts. Just saying there should have been a system in place before deciding to delete the accounts to begin with.

I have another client still down and all that needs to happen is connecting the new nameservers at CF registrar level. Can you have them do this? ticket #3330898

I am in the same situation, I have readded some domain but nameserver are changed and some of them I can’t update beacuse the domain is registered on Cloudflare and I can’t see it on my account. The website are currently online using the old nameserver, but I can’t receive any e-mail because apprently in new account with new nameserver is not activated. I’m waiting the response of ticket but at this moment no one help

I still have a client that is just waiting for CF to connect the new nameservers to the via the CF internal registrar department. This entire experience has been a nightmare. We are now coming up on 7 days without any control of the domain. Unreal!

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Can you please respond via email to that ticket @t2admin and cc the other email address you mentioned?

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They closed that ticket. ticket #3330898 is the one I have cc’d the client on and done what they have asked for. But client domain is still down. The new nameservers just need to be connected to the account.

I see 3324297 as well and added a link to this topic for tracking.

I don’t see that on either of the tickets but will mention it to my Support colleagues for suggestions on next steps.

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This get better and better. I just heard back from cloudlfare billing department after CF deleted my account and being 100% down almost 5 complete days that they are now not wanting to refund me for the account I had to open to tell them there was a problem with logins before they announced there was a problem.

I hope enough of us out there are outraged enough for a class action because instead of trying to make it right and admitting any guilt they seem to be doubling down and pouring salt in our open wounds. I wonder why nothing can be found on why they did what they did? Just doesn’t seem right.

after making this post, Cloudflare made right and canceled my temporary user subscription and refunded my account. I truly hope everyone get back up and running. I know I am still dealing clients and issues as the come up due to this incident.

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