Login Credentials

Hi! I am having issues logging in to Cloudflare, and have no idea what to do. WP Engine is requiring that their websites migrate to their advanced network. I need to change the CNAME and A records. When I am directed to Cloudflare, we have an issue understanding what email was used in the past. From our standard emails we use for such things, we’ve sent password resets to these emails, only to find out that we have received no password reset from Cloudflare. Not in any folder including spam.

We are at a loss for what to do. There isn’t anyone that we can call, and from what I’m reading, it appears that you have to create a whole new Cloudflare instance? I’m not sure what the implications are for doing this (downtime, etc.), and what about the billing that’s going on with our other instance in Cloudflare? Certainly do not want to be billed twice. I appreciate the need to block cyber attacks, but is there nothing we can do here to get our access?

Thanks for any help!!

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