Login challenge not happening and screen customisation broken

Just started evaluating the Access product for our company and I’m running into issues. I’ve checked documentation.

I am unable to customise the Login screen, the screen editor validation appears to be broken and will not let me submit after supplying all required fields. Browser developer console is not displaying any errors.

Applications that I have put behind access are not being protected by a login screen which in turn should be configured with my identity provider.

This appears to be presenting itself as two related bugs.

Hi @stephen19,

Ignoring the custom page for the time being, are you able to configure Access in front of your applications at all or are you having trouble doing that as well?

Hi @domjh

We’re all good now. After digging further into the CloudFlare documentation this morning I noticed that CloudFlare issues LetsEncrypt wildcard certificates for one sub-domain level deep.

The bug regarding screen customisation appears to have sorted itself.

Thanks for getting in touch.

That’s good - no problem, glad you got it sorted!

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