Login authentication on email and email on cloudflare

So my cloud fare login requires an authentication key which I get on a email.
Now this email is not working and is hosted on cloud fare itself.

I need to change the DNS of mail to make it work but I can do that only by logging to cloud fare for which I need the token on that email.

Kind a deadlock.

What is solution ?

This is a pretty tricky situation, Cloudflare can’t trust an email from a different address, so if you don’t have access to the incoming mail from that domain you’re out of luck in terms of getting access to that account.

The best solution is to create a new Cloudflare account (preferably with an email on a managed service, like gmail) and re-add your domain. You’ll need to fill in any missing DNS records (since Cloudflare can’t show the origin server on the automatic DNS transfer screen) and re-configure the Cloudflare settings you had before.


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