Login authentication email never arrived

I’m not receiving Login Authentication emails from Cloudflare, so I can’t access my account, but I try to login here in Cloudflare community and it works, and also received an email from the community to activate my account. I really need access to my account.

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Having the same issue. 2FA is not sending emails to my gmail account, or gmail is not passing them through.

Same problem, verification email not receiving.

The same thing is happening to me too! I sent an email to support; they opened a ticket.

They are investigating the issue

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pls mod
help me
i read other replies but i dont think i can do anythig

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I’ve been trying all day to sign up for Cloudflare as a new company. I’ve tried two different emails on two different domains, but no verification emails ever show up from Cloudflare. I’ve seen dozens of other forum posts from past months and years for the same issue. Is there any way to resolve besides waiting days or weeks to hear back from support via ticket? Ironically I was able to verify my forum account via email on this community site in about 60 seconds…

Hello, i know it’s a known issue, but i am not getting the verification email, and it’s really important for me to get it as soon as possible. Is there someone who can help me with that?

Hello, I recently changed my email associated to my Cloudflare account but I did not receive the verification email. The Cloudflare email addresses are not blacklisted by my email server, and I also tried to push send verification email but nothing happened.
Could my personal email be blacklisted by Cloudflare system?
Could you help me please
Thank you

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My ticket has been resolved; I recommend sending an email to [email protected]; if they close your ticket, you need to re-opened it, and they will assign a Technical Support Engine.

@user44412, @ab7fh1, @rasika, @user6430, @jeunsaang, @jake20, @ptrjov, @cf142

If not related to the above recent incident, may I ask you to add [email protected] and [email protected] to your email allowlist? You may also want to search for mail from those senders. @cloonan

Kindly, I’d suggest you to write a ticket to Cloudflare support due to your account and/or domain issue and share the ticket number here with us so we could escalate this issue by using the method Support > Contact Support option as described from below:

You might be offered to switch to the new Customer Support Portal and create a ticket there.


In case if you cannot login to the Cloudflare dashboard, please use the link from below:

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