Login 2fa form need autofocus, autocomplete=off

input autofocus autocomplete=“off”
This would be a simple but convenient change.

thank you.



I don’t think you’re the first to suggest this, and I can’t find the other.

I’ll throw this in the Escalation queue to see if Cloudflare is aware of the suggestion.

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+1, the team let us know they are and I have added myself to the issue to track progress, will drop an update when I see it

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autocomplete=“one-time-code” is a function that automatically recognizes when a 6-digit number is input by sms on mobile, so it has no meaning on PC,
Since Cloudflare does not provide sms 2fa, autocomplete is not used.

autocomplete can be done slowly, but autofocus should be included.
Currently a mouse click is required.

thank you.

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