Logging solutions for cloudflare?

What log analysis and alerting systems are you using with Cloudflare, preferably PRO, not Enterprise, since Clouflare only retains 4 hours worth of Access log data?

I am thinking along the lines of Loggly, Splunk, Sumologic etc. I cannot seem to find anything that would work more or less out of the box ie some form of integration.

I am aware of Cloudflare’s work with Google on their Enterprise plan.


Good list here, @veeraravala4

Analyze Cloudflare Logs data with the following analytics platforms:

This is just out as part of Dev Week:

Coming soon, we will enable customers on all plan types — not just Enterprise — to ingest logs into Logs Engine. Details on pricing will follow soon.

… considering …

Logpush has support for the most popular observability tools. Send logs to Datadog, New Relic or even R2 for storage and ad hoc querying.

Workers Logpush is available to both customers on our Workers Paid and Enterprise plans. We wanted this to be very affordable for our developers. Workers Logpush is priced at $0.05 per million requests, and we only charge you for requests that result in logs delivered to an end destination after any filtering or sampling is applied. It also has an included usage of 10M requests each month.

Maybe this is another way to go, if you want to stay more within the CF ecosystem?

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