Logging In Remember Me, Remember this Device

When logging into Cloudflare Dash, ‘remember me’ doesn’t remember me, and ‘remember this device’ doesn’t remember this device.

Have tried various browsers and disabled all ad blockers, but I’m never remembered.

Hi @FJdjjjkshs23rds,

The remember me function does not work if you manually log out, only if you let the login expire by itself.

Is this on the 2 Factor Authentication screen? If so, same applies - doesn’t apply if you log out manually, also only works for a specific period, I believe.

Details AFAIK:

  • You will be logged out after 24hr of inactivity
  • If you selected ‘remember’ on the password page, a cookie with the name CF_UALE is saved.
  • If you selected ‘remember’ on the 2 Factor authentication page, a cookie with the name _cf_uticket is saved.
  • If you click ‘log out’ in the dashboard, these cookies will be cleared.
  • If you clear or block cookies, this will not work.

cc @g2theg