Logging all requests to a specific .png file without overloading server


Kind of strange question, but I want to log all IP’s that request a specific .png file on my domain. This is for a game that I host servers for, and anyone who clicks on the “server details” button automatically loads the .png directly from their own computer. I wanted to get basic user demographics on that. All requests go to a specific .png hosted on my domain and load the little icon.

I was just curious about the best way to do this without crippling my performance? According to Cloudflare, there’s been 930k .png request to my domain in the last 24 hours, I don’t have many pictures on the site or actual traffic to it (so it’s primarily this one .png), and I don’t think my server can really handle that many requests without Cloudflare caching. Is there any easy way to get raw logs from Cloudflare, use Cloudflare Workers to do this, or something else?

Sorry for the lengthy post and sorry if this is the right place for it, Thanks for your time!

Enterprise plans can get Cloudflare logs, or you can use logflare.app


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