Logged out due to Really Simple SSL plugin

Hello, I’ve been locked out of my WordPress website.
There was a recent update to Really simple SSL plugin which recommended that I enable locking out users with an ‘‘admin’’ username, for better safety. The plugin explained that all users with that username must use their email to log in after this feature has been enabled. But for me, this wasn’t the case. Upon entering the correct password and mail that the account was registered to ([email protected]), I even tried my personal mail that I used to make the acc to double-check, it stated that the username or password was invalid. I’ve also tried to use nicknames but it didn’t work. Now I’m logged out for 6h because of too many login attempts. Is there any way that this feature can be disabled or the plugin uninstalled by You so I can access my website? Or can You inform me on which username is now valid for my account?
Thank You for any help that you may provide,

Regards, Šimun Vitić.

Where does Cloudflare come in here?

several ways

  1. go to your hosting control panel rename the plugins folder ex pluginscf
  2. through softacolous to access your wp-admin
  3. through your database phpmyadmin
    4 restore etc many ways find at wordpress forum for detail

Please stick to Cloudflare related topics.

Noted and sorry thanks for your guidance

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