Logged into Cloudflare - Website Missing

Hi Community… Anyone experiencing this?

Haven’t logged into Cloudflare in some time to make changes to our active website. Logged in today to add a txt file verification for an app we use. No active website is showing in our account! wha?

Went to domain registrar to make sure… Both Nameservers (DNS) are still pointed to Cloudflare, but our website of years and years is no longer active in our account.

Website is up on www fine and loading… Hmmmm.

Help Appreciated,

What is the name of the website? Is it the same account you are using here?

Check your audit log to see if the website was removed

Yes, Same account - but for some reason won’t let me include my URL here.

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You can now and example dot com is fine.

I suspect the domain name expired which caused the nameservers to revert to their default, that would trigger our systems to show the site as moved and eventually automatically purged from your account. Take a look at the audit log for clues.

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Thanks… Well, yes our domain name expired for 2 days earlier this month and then was rescued. How do we find what account it’s in within Cloudflare… or should we re-add it to a new account? We don’t have any record of any other logins for Cloudflare for us.

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Thanks for your assistance. I called sales to upgrade our account for support… but Nobody answered and had to leave a message.

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You can use this recovery link (log out before using), enter the domain and watch for the email.

If you don’t know the email: https://dash.cloudflare.com/forgot-email

I’d not add it to the account you are using here / change nameservers until you track it down.

Looks like it’s using hugh.ns.cloudflare.com & ivy.ns.cloudflare.com nameservers and those I do not see as associated with the account you are using here.

All customers can raise account, billing and registrar tickets. For most support most customers ask or search here, it’s pretty fast.

@ cloonan THANK YOU.

I was able to recover our old account and it has our website ACTIVE. WHEW

that was a little scary.

  1. Can I hide this thread / make it private between us so it’s not searchable public?
  2. Can we have 2 Cloudflare accounts under the same email or can I merge 2 Cloudflare accounts?

Thank you again.

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Yes, I will remove it

No & no are the short answers. Sorry for that, it is a popular request and one I know is on the team’s radar.

But if you want all your sites in one account, pick which account and add the website from the other one to that account. You’d then change nameservers for that newly added site at the domain registrar. Prior to doing that, you’ll want to download your DNS records in the old acocout and upload them when you add the site to the new account. For any page rules or other settings, you’ d want to make note of them and replicate in the other account.

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OK thanks… @cloonan appreciate you.

How do I delete the account that is empty that we don’t need anymore? And will this deletion free up that user name email address to be used on another Cloudflare account?

Thanks much.

No, it’s documented here, Delete your Cloudflare account · Cloudflare Fundamentals docs

To remove your account, go to https://dash.cloudflare.com/profile and on the bottom left, click

Selecting Delete this user will remove your dashboard account and your account & posts here.

Once you select that, you’ll hit this warning message
Screenshot 2024-02-16 at 9.26.54 AM