Logflare Discussion

@thomas4 speaking of logs, check out Logflare.

Full disclosure … I made it.


Nice, I’ll try and self-host it tomorrow. It might be a good alternative to the Grafana Loki stack we use now.

Do you have any benchmarks on what it can handle and also, the latency?

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~150ms average. Currently handling a consistent 1000 requests a second. I’ve sent like 5k a second on a $40 a month Digital Ocean box for a while and it all just worked.

The self-hosted version is not the most dev friendly at the moment but I’m happy to help you just PM me.

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I did some load testing on our Grafana Loki setup just now.

This is on a 2 vCPU, 2GB, 40GB VPS.

During full-on load, it consumed 24% CPU and 230MB of RAM for the whole setup.

So I think I’ll stay on this setup, since it can handle more than we’ll need for quit a while.


Did a bigger payload + 10K requests over 15sec. ~40% CPU, same RAM usage.

Done :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah if you’re not having any issues that’s great! No need then!

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I will still try yours when I get the time, it seems awesome :slight_smile:

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Hey curious, what load tester is this?