Logarithmic scale for analytics

It would be interesting to have the option to apply a logarithmic scale to the analytics charts. It may not be useful everyday or for everyone, but it’s one of those things any user might need someday.

Users who depend on Cloudflare’s Dashboard interface to check their analytics will benefit with a logarithmic scale should they ever face a spike in traffic that skews the data to the point of flat-lining the remaining periods of time.

As an example, consider the following Google Search chart. One of my websites had over 200k impressions in one single day, when the median number of impressions per day is a little over 2k. The result for me as a user is that for as long as that specific day is showing on the chart, all other days are a flat line and I can’t see how the numbers are moving.

The same data on a logarithmic scale would look like this:

The spike is still there, but now I can see what happens before and after the spike.