Log SSH commands for ZeroTrust tunnels

I have a school project to showcase the ZeroTrust strategies. I’m unable to log the commands after setting up SSH tunnel with ZeroTrust

Steps followed:
I have a Raspberry Pi for Demo.
I created a tunnel with service ssh://localhost:22 added.
I cretaed an application with policy to allow login based identity manager and I enabled browser rendering for SSH.
Until now eveything works as expected no issues

I created audit SSH network policy with SSH command logging enabled.
My service is on local host and lan address so what I did is I added it in traffic selector to be equal in operator to those address which could be the issue since this step confused me and I’m to understand more.
/settings/network Proxy enabled

SSH Encryption public key added.

I have an important school project to showcase Cloudflare services and ZeroTrust and I’m looking for answers why the SSH commands are not logged in the Gateway activity logs. What’s wrong with my Demo setup and how to configure it and fix it.

An updated complete documentation for the for the setup with a demo would be a plus.

I’m not using ssh keys to access the service.
I’m using tunnels to expose ssh and I’m able to SSH fron web.

I have an open ticket Id #2765523 and the support level received is just not suitable and disappointing.

The documentation provided is great but for SSH logging there’s a lack of demonstration and I couldn’t find a better one on the internet or amoung the youtube community.

If you guys have notes or demonstration or better documantions or anything that could help me please I will much appreciate it. And it would be a reference for other users that are struggling like me.