Locking my site down to US

I see a lot of traffic hitting my site from outside the USA and I am wondering if there is a way to see what pages they are actually hitting?

I am also wondering since I don’t sell my product outside the USA if I can lock down my firewall to only allow traffic in the USA.

Thoughts, Concerns, how are you handling this situation?

You would have to look at your server logs to see which pages are being hit at what times. Or maybe logflare.app might provide more information. Google Analytics might also be an option.

But if you want to block non-US visitors, you can use Firewall Rules. Something like the following. It blocks non-US users (but VPN users might sneak by). Adjust as necessary. There’s a Known Bots option, but I don’t know why you’d want this if the bots are non-US search engines.

That is perfect! I am not seeing any glaring reasons why I would want to open up my traffic outside the US right now so I am going to add that firewall rule. Thank You!

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It’s what I do for several clients. Really stops LOTS of malicious traffic.

Make sure you allow known bots in globally though! The big players (google, facebook, etc) distribute tasks globally. Even sharing a page on Facebook (within the usa) can fail if you block them.
So set it up similar to this…

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Thanks for the clarification on Known Bots. I wasn’t sure what the impact is if non-US goodbot traffic is blocked.

I learned the hard way! :sweat_smile:

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