Locking appliation down to certain users

I have asked that question before but it may have been in the wrong section as there were no responses.

I have just started with Cloudflare tunnel to provide access to some internal resources on my home network. (Synology, Bitwarden, home server)

I am struggling a bit with the right kind of user authentication.

I have set up an application in the **zero trust*t dasboard.
I’d very much like to use the google authentication. (I don’t have a workspace account).
The way I have set it up - everyone with a google login - can access my website or with the rule below - nobody, not even myself.

Is it just not possible at all? Or am I doing it wrong?
This rule should block all traffic - except the provided email adress. I suspect - that this filter can not be used when using a google authentication - but this is nowhere mentioned in the documentation.

You only need one policy, and that would be the one that Allows the specified email address(es):

Everything else will be blocked.

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I am absolutely puzzled…
I could swear that I have tried this most obviously rule first thing. The result was: Everyone with a gmail account could use my application.

Yet - I have tried it again and this time it does exactly as you said.

Thank you very much.

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