Locked out of my newly created free account

Hi everyone,
I created a Cloudflare account for my office less than 24 hours ago. Of course, I used my company email to allow for a track of my activities here by my supervisor. After setting up the account and changing the website’s DNS, I came back later to confirm that the added website is now on Cloudflare but can’t access the account again.

I’ve tried the forgotten password link many times but do not receive the email to reset my password. The website is live and showing the Cloudflare DNS on Go Daddy but I’m still unable to access the Cloudflare account.

Please I need your help to access the site’s Cloudflare settings.

Thank you.

#security #access

The message I get each time I try to login is “Email address/password do not match.”.

Hi @udeikechia,

Can you confirm you definitely used the right email address? You should have received some emails throughout the setup process, did you get these?

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Thanks a million times for coming up with this idea. Chrome saved a wrong version of my email I had entered long ago and it appears that was the account I choose during the registration process. I just logged on now using the wrong email and have changed it to the correct one.

Thanks again. I’m so happy now. :grinning:

No problem, glad you got it figured out and have managed to get back in to the account :slight_smile:

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