Locked out of Cloudflare Zone Gile

A customer has come to us with an issue. They need to update their DNS, which clearly is hosted at Cloudflare, but they seem to have no account information whatsoever. They have had a number of people over the years work on their site and have no idea who the account holder is. We have attempted the lost email notification several times. Whomever it is either doesn’t have that email address anymore or is ignoring the notices or ?

I still have access to the registrar account and can clearly run some queries and attempt to build a new zone file elsewhere - though surely something will get missed. Any other ideas?

Something tells me Cloudflare support won’t be helpful in this matter.


It sounds like you’ve got it right. Cloudflare isn’t going to help a non-owner, so you’ll have to start over.

There’s usually not much. Website and Email. Those records should be pretty easy to find at wherever is hosting those services.

I’ve queried Cloudflare for MX, A, TXT. If its working now, I should expect it will work at a new DNS host as well.

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If mail is on the same server as the website, then you’ve probably figured out that IP address. But if you query a record and the response includes at least two IPv4 and two IPv6 addresses, then that’s a Cloudflare IP address that proxies their traffic to the true origin.

Hmm. The A Name record for their domain returns two IPv4 addresses only, which resolve using reverse dns to a proxy server at webflow.com, not Cloudflare.

I guess I can build my zone file somewhere new, then make note of the CloudFlare DNS servers and switch it. If I turn down my TTL on the NS records, I can always switch it back?

Cloudflare will hold onto those records for a week or two if you point the nameservers elsewhere.