Locked out of Cloudflare (Cant login)

Recently my friend created a Cloudflare account for his exampledomain.com, using the email address [email protected], Forgot to add MX records for emails in Cloudflare DNS.

Today when he tried to access Cloudflare it asked his the security access code which is sent to his email id, issue is he didn’t received the access code because that domain has no MX records in his Cloudflare DNS. Now is completely locked out of his account and cant even submit a ticket because he cant access his account. Please help.

You should definitely contact support than community. They might able to help you regard this. They may check the audit log and may take necessary actions. If it takes long and if your domain registar is not cloudflare. Simply remove cloudflare nameservers to default. And then add new site to the cloudflare with gmail or something that you personally use…

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