Locked out of account!

Support Ticket 2502483

  1. I have an account under [email protected] .com (example)

  2. The domain ABC .com is one of the domains in the account.

  3. Cloudflare is the registrar for the domain. We didn’t just point the name servers to Cloudflare.

  4. My credit card expired for the account so the account/domain was suspended

  5. I am locked out of my account because I forgot the password and the reset password goes to
    @ABC .com

  6. Since the domain was suspended, I can’t receive emails.

How can I pay to unsuspend my account when I can’t login to the account?

Please read all points. I have called customer service multiple time and they can’t help me or they give a solution without understanding that I can’t receive emails or login to my account.

This is urgent! Please help!

Are you on an Enterprise account? If not then you can’t speak to Support on the phone and must be talking to Sales. That is likely why they are not doing what you would like.

This is a really awkward situation and why it is not usually recommended to have a domain email on the account with the domain registerd.

How did you open the support ticket you listed? Was it by email, I presume from a different email to the one on the account which may cause further issues.

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Thank you @domjh, @tmw.amazon it looks like you are good to go at the moment? Let us know if anything comes up.


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