Locked out of account - no response from email support

I lost my TFA phone and backup codes (yes, yes, I know this was stupidity on my part), and I have a domain that is about to expire and is unable to renew because the only credit cards on my account are invalid. The domain expires on the 12th, and I still haven’t gotten a response from cloudflare support. I need to either get access to my account, transfer the domain, or update the billing info in the next three days or I am going to be in a world of hurt.


Did you contact them via email & did you contact them from the email you are using here?

I contacted them by email, and no, it was a different email address to this one or the one associated with the account I am locked out of.

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Was there an automated reply with a ticket number?

Yes, there was an automated reply. Is it safe to post the ticket number here?

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Yes please

Ticket number: #2316048

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Got it, thank you. Can you reply to that email from the account that owns the zone in question? The system does not recognize the email address you used.

I can’t send email from those addresses (I can receive at any address on that domain, but can only send from one).

ah, understood, sorry for the troubles with this. I see the ticket is assigned to my colleague in Support and I have added myself to it to track along with some details and a link to this discussion.

I still haven’t received a reply, any update?

Can you share the domain in question on the ticket? I did not see it there.

I’d send it from the account that opened the ticket for now to give the agent something to work with. If you cannot communicate with the Support team from the account owner email address, however, you may end up needing to move the zone to an account from which you can communicate with Support. They can only work with the domain zone owners.

“you may end up needing to move the zone to an account from which you can communicate with Support.” - How is that done? Also, is there nothing they can do to verify that I own the account so I can login on the affected account?

The agent can work with you on the ticket but I am not aware of any short of moving it to an account from which you can send and receive emails*.

Login to an account you can control* and then +Add a site to that account. You’ll need to change the nameservers to the two associated with that account. It’s very straight-forward but where you may encounter issues is if you have a lot of DNS records that need to be recreated and/or recreating page rules and other settings. If the setup is elaborate it can be complex to move it, but we can assist here as you need. Sorry for pain with this.

How do I change the nameservers when I can’t login to the account the domain is registered with?

Another question - should I open a new support ticket with this account (I changed the email to one I can send from, or reply on the existing ticket?)

You’d change them at the domain registrar. I had previously noted a link to this conversation on your ticket and will need to escalate it here to bring it to the attention of our registrar team to assist.

The domain is registered with cloudflare. The issue here is that the domain is registered by an account I cannot log into (because I don’t have the TFA device or backup codes), and it is expiring on the 12th.

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I did notice that and had added it to the escalation notes I just made. The team is able to work with you in the event the deadline is missed, there is grace period to renew the domain.

During the grace period will the name servers still work? If those don’t work I won’t be able to receive emails to the account’s email address, because the account’s email address is on the domain registered by the account.

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