Locked out of account for 5 days - need to disable 2FA urgently


We have a bit of a difficult problem

We have a Cloudflare account with a substantial number of domains on it

Appreciate that we are rightly at the bottom of the pile for support because we only use a free account but we desperately need two factor authentication disabling following a phone failing and our stupid inability to find the back up code!

We put in a support request on Monday and this was initially answered quickly. After a few messages backwards and forwards, we supplied all the requested security check information.

We’ve not had any response for several days now and we are absolutely desperate to get into our account to make several key DNS changes. I presume it can’t take long for a support team member to disable 2fa once the correct security checks have been met.

If anyone from Cloudflare could help - the ticket id is 1442338

Thank you very much

Looks like your issue is already resolved. If you have further issues let us know.

Hi Ryan

Yes, took 8 days and quite a few tickets but got there in the end!



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we have another associate that have similar issue. previously all two factor authentication is sent via email. but not sure why it is no longer sending those email and he was locked out of account.
forums and support seems to also requires two factory authentication which make it almost impossible to reach to Cloudflare support…

You can email support using the email address associated with your account.
support AT Cloudflare DOT com

If you were receiving emails with tokens that is not the 2FA feature. The true 2FA option involves setting up an app on your mobile device. But definitely email support @ Cloudflare and let them know the details so you can verify some info and get access.