Locked out of account for 1 week - No response from Cloudflare

We have been locked out of our main cloudflare account for over a week. We sent a support request through our email on the account. Received an automatic response from [email protected], yet no response at all.

Should we expect it to be this long before a response?

Edit: This is a 2-Factor Issue, and we have fulfilled their request to add the codes to all of our pages.

Have you tried password recovery by clicking the “forgot your password” button on the login page?

Yes, of course. This is a 2-Factor Issue. We even updated our pages with the 2-Factor reset codes. No response.

The automated response should have asked you for details regarding your account to regain access. If not, reply to the ticket and it should be looked at by a human and routed to the correct place (you can also post the ticket number here).

To add: If you used Authy, you can follow their recovery process to regain access

Their requests were responded to and fulfilled on the same day or a day later. We have sent 3 emails, no response to any of them.

Could you post your ticket number here?

Assuming it was routed correctly, it can take a few days for CF to review your request since this is a security-related matter.


A week later and still no response.

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