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I added my domain to CF but the email wasn’t working properly so I deleted the domain from CF only to find I couldn’t change the nameservers back to the originals with the domain provider.

Thanks in advance

I don’t see what the issue with Cloudflare is here… You deleted the domain off of Cloudflare and you can’t change NS on the domain registrar? You should really ask this question to the domain registrar. I suspect deleting the domain from Cloudflare without evaluation wasn’t really a smart move here.

It appears you added the zone but then manually deleted the DNS records? You should probably add them back until you are able to update your nameservers at your registrar if you want to move your DNS off of Cloudflare.

When you say mail wasn’t working properly what does that mean? Looking at the logs your Mx record was imported initially.

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Hi guys, thanks for the replies. Only getting around to sorting this out now. It seemed like the nameservers were locked to CF so I couldn’t change them back to the originals. Just got the registrar to change them for me there.

I’m trying to delete/remove the domain from CF now but can’t find that option anywhere. It says the domain is active. I also can’t find the option to close/delete my account on CF.

I would have imagined these things to be easy to find for domain and account management. Am I missing something obvious?

In the new dashboard, it should be at the bottom

You don’t need to delete the domain from Cloudflare to get it to work. As long as you have your proper name servers set, Cloudflare is out of the picture.

But, as @judge pointed out, there is an option to to remove the site from Cloudflare.

To delete your account, follow the instructions at the bottom of this page:

Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support

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Legend, thank you so much for your help.

Thank you so much for you help. Very much appreciated.

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