Lock is not showing up although Certificate is Valid...Still Not Secure Site

Hi all,

I just subscribed to the FREE SSL certificate of Cloudfare … Although, the certificate is valid. There is no lock on the website…nor the website shows “Secure”

Please guide me.

Hi @sssavinash08,

First of all, Cloudflare provides free SSL on setup to secure the connection between your visitors and Cloudflare, for the rest of your connection to be secure, you need to have an SSL certificate configured on the server hosting your website. You can get a free one that is only valid for Cloudflare (Origin Certificate), a free publically valid Let’s Encrypt one or a paid one if you do not already have one.

Hopefully you do already have this, from your screenshot, that does show a Let’s Encry[t one, so hopefully you have set your SSL mode in Cloudflare to Full (strict).

The issue you posted a screenshot of is likely tobe mixed content, however I see your site fine with :ssl:.


Thanks domjh … I have put up the crypto in Full Strict Mode :slight_smile:

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Great, it all seems to be working OK for me :slightly_smiling_face:

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