We have a problem with our site - something has changed and the location/redirection settings are not working. Had someone from Perth and they were shown the UK site.
The prices change based on where people are with plug-in
Ip redirect

But now it does not work.

Hi @user4206,

Did this start when you started using Cloudflare? If it is based on IP address, it is likely that you are not restoring visitor IPs on your server, so your plugin is seeing a Cloudflare address rather than the visitor’s actual IP. Your plugin may be able to retrieve the IP from the Cf-Connecting-IP header, or you can restore the IP for your server.


Yes. It started when I’ve tried using Cloudflare.

Someone asked to put this code on wp config

I have tried to put that code but the issue is still there. And then what I did next is UI disabled the IP Geolocation. But I am not really sure if it will help to fix the issue.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Is this what I need to add? Screenshot by Lightshot

Can you please enlighten me on how to restore visitor IP addresses on our server?

Alternatively, to restore visitor IP you can install Cloudflare Plugin.

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