Location Issue

Every time I connect with WARP it connects with the India server, why is that? how can i change that to somewhere else?

It’s not changeable. Which location is closest to you?

I’m currently in Bangladesh and India is closer to me but my friends who use it got a different location although they are also in Bangladesh. why is that then?

Cloudflare advertises anycast networks (see https://www.cloudflare.com/en-gb/learning/cdn/glossary/anycast-network/).

Maybe your friends are using a different ISP, and that’s enough to make the network pick different colos.

But it could also be that we have some dynamics internally that decided to route you differently (e.g. for load balancing).

In general, it will pick the closest (in “Internet distance”), but there’s not a guarantee. It can also change over time.

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