Localized outage

Our site: mcleanvfd.org

Works fine everywhere except in the Washington DC area. This issue started sometime on Sep 4. Various people in the DC area report problems with the site loading. People in Texas, California, and Florida have no problem whatsoever. I did submit a trouble ticket, but if you know what this might be, please let me know.

As far as I know there is nobody from the MVPs and staff from the DC area. The ticket is the best guess, also post the ticket number here, maybe someone from the staff pushes it along.

Also, post some more info on the actual error. What doesn’t load? Is it continuous?

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Ticket #1970339

I replaced Cloudflare’s nameservers with my ISP’s native nameservers and now all is fine. So it was definitely a Cloudflare issue. Happy to switch them back once I know the situation has been resolved.

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