Local server does not display from www

I have a domain linked to you, hotel-lc.online, and the DNS settings seem to include options with www. However, it refuses to work on the www.hotel-lc.online version. Site on a local server, synology. What should I specify in the settings?

a record type of this type A___www____hotel-lc.online also does not solve the problem

Make sure that your Synology device is configured to answer for www.hotel-lc.online as well as hotel-lc.online.

Alternatively, you can redirect from www to your domain as here…

Note that port 443 is not open on your device so you are using Cloudflare SSL/TLS “Flexible” mode and therefore your connection between Cloudflare and your server is not secured. You should make sure your Synology webserver is configured to support SSL with a valid SSL certificate on that end, and set Cloudflare’s SSL/TLS to “Full (strict)”.


incredible, everything worked, thank you!

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