Local resolution as a proxy

Hi, I’ve used a traefik proxy for years with very good results. Recently, I’ve discovered cloudflared which I run as a docker container and it works well too.
My concern is about local resolution. Let me explain with a real life example.
I have a Nextcloud container named nc running on port 8888 on local IP

In the Cloudflare Zerotrust interface, I have created a public hostname named nextcloud attached to service nc:8888 and it works flawlessly externally and locally.

With traefik, local traffic is not routed outside the router so it stays local. With Cloudflare, everything has to be routed outside.

I can create an entry in my DNS server to bind nextcloud to but there’s no way to link it to port 8888 so it does not work without adding the port in the URL.

Do you know a way to do that properly without using a proxy please ?

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