Local POP for free accounts

Will my traffic be routed to nearest POP to users, or should I upgrade?
I see in the Cloudflare datacenter reachability, free are onle LHR, my site (Riyadhkey.com) serves users in RUH which have a POP.
I subscribed to Argo, and seen some very good speed difference, but I don’t mind more :smile:

Free plans generally have access to all POPs, but I believe they’ll get rerouted to free up the POP for paid plans if the POP needs extra bandwidth. I don’t think this happens often.

Where did you see this datacenter reachability list? Reachability also depends on the visitor’s ISP:

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Thanx, I am still waiting to see RUH, or DXB being the closest
the link was givin to me in another section, cloudflare-test.judge.sh


Maybe @judge can share some insight into this. When I check, most sites come up as LAX, but one FREE, one BUSINESS and one ENTERPRISE are coming from the bay area. That could just be how my ISP routed those specific IP addresses.

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It’s all dependent on load to Cloudflare’s servers at the time of visiting. I imagine each datacenter has a number of IPs or subnet it doesn’t advertise, so if one DC is reaching its limits CF can start returning DNS answers with IPs that are broadcasted from all DCs except the overloaded one.

Currently every one of those sites is “ATL” for me (except for one free plan, for some reason), but at times the free, pro, and maybe even business plan websites will be directed to a second DC “DFW” to alleviate traffic on ATL (perhaps an enterprise customer is getting DDOS’d, but we don’t know).

This is further supported via Cloudflare’s S-1 page 79:

See the feature “Network Prioritization”.

Upgrading your plan will probably increase how often you’re routed to the absolute closest DC, but it’s all based on load and some DCs are less powerful than others, so they might divert traffic more often.

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there is a site that someone made to help you test it better, but anyway just surf high budge sites that using Cloudflare and see where are you getting routed there, if its the same as the free plan than probably upgrading wouldnt help you much(as you want to test sites that use the enterprise plan) the best one is Cloudflare.com

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