Local NS propagates but not cloudflare NS

My domain from Namecheap takes 30mins to propagate any hosting NS but even after 24h it does not propagate with Cloudflare NS.

Cloudflare DNS changes replace in typically sub 30 seconds globally. What DNS entry did you create or change?

Just added site to cloudflare and copy pasted the NS.

Copy and pasted the NS where? What is the domain?

Can you check the attached image?
Domain is: venturebit.net

WHIOS for that domain is not showing Cloudflare name servers.

It may just be that Namecheap takes a while for that update to propagate. You’ll have to ask Namecheap why it’s not yet pointing to Cloudflare.

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It’s just whois.com being completely outdated, they hide the “6 hours ago” part kind of well ;-). Nameservers are actually updated.

venturebit.net.         172800  IN      NS      jay.ns.cloudflare.com.
venturebit.net.         172800  IN      NS      mckenzie.ns.cloudflare.com.
;; Received 101 bytes from 2001:503:eea3::30#53(g.gtld-servers.net) in 24 ms



Good to know. Rechecked showed a recent update, plus the option to refresh that I’ve never known about:

I guess now all that’s left is to add DNS records to the Cloudflare dashboard.

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