Local Network access tunnel issues when in that local network

So the issue I have is that when I have warp enabled I cannot connect to local IP address on my network. I believe this is an issue with my argo tunnel.

The tunnel works fine when I’m away from the local network I can access local ip’s and the internet. but when in the local network I can only access the internet not local ip’s

Is this possible to do or do I have to just disable warp when in my local network?

I believe you need to pair this with Gateway:

So I have the gateway setup with the dns servers added to my firewall/router (pfsense) and the local network cidr is not in the exclude list. So as I say when remote I can access my local network but if I am connected to my local Wi-Fi with warp activated I loose connectivity to local ip

For example let’s say in local Wi-Fi I browse to I hit my pfsense firewall (without warp turned on) but if warp is enabled I cans reach in a browser?

Hope I’m making sense, do I need a policy to redirect this traffic?

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