Local Minecraft server non usable with TCP-Tunnel

im hosting a Minecraft server on Debian 12 with Casaos, i want the server to be visible for other people outside my network to acces the server too. I’ve got an Domain and Zero Trust, but nothing seems to work. What can i do?

For Arbitrary TCP like Minecraft, MySQL, and any other tcp application, Cloudflare has a guide here: Arbitrary TCP · Cloudflare Zero Trust docs

Please note for all of these except SSH and VNC which can be browser-rendered, you will either need to use cloudflared (Cloudflare’s tunnel daemon) on the client machine running in the background or Private Networking with WARP, and have WARP installed on the client machine logged into your Zero Trust Team.

If you want to share without clients needing software then you can use something like https://playit.gg/


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