Local fonts not being cached

Hello Cloudflare community,
It looks like my local fonts are always served from my server and not from Cloudflare even if static cache is set to “everything”. The domain is emmamktg.com . Is there something I don’t see here? I always thought it was better to have the fonts in cache. Is there a way to have Cloudflare caching my two fonts?

Always from your server? For the font files that exist, I’m seeing a HIT:

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Ok there’s definitely something I don’t get here.GTMetrix, PingDom, Google speed test, and Chrome DevTool confirm that the local fonts are coming from my domain. When you say it is a HIT, yo mean that they are cached? If they are, why are all 4 tools mentioned above not recognizing the same?

Please post a screenshot of the message(s) you’re seeing that says there’s a caching problem.

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Awww! You just opened my eyes. It’s they’re not flagging a “not cached” but a “not efficient cache time”. And you showed me how to properly see if an item is being cached or not. Thanks, @sdayman !!!
Wow, that is a useful community!

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