Local Error 522

So, yesterday our server crashed and over 1000 people saw our error 522 pages.

This was sorted out later in the day but I was still seeing the error page unless using a proxy and every other user saw it too.

I was hoping it just cached so waited until today to no avail, I have even connected my computer to a new network and cleared all browsing data, but I still cannot access the site and I am still getting the 522 error. Please can anybody assist, how can I sort this so I can see my website again?

522s are covered at Community Tip - Fixing Error 522: Connection timed out

If you still get that error, your server is either still down or blocks certain Cloudflare datacentres selectively. Both you need to check on your server.

Whats your domain?

Yes I know, I have gone through the list of quick fixes and my hosting provider has assured me it’s all fine and that my site works for them.

The domain is entrepreneurscircle.org

Which will no doubt work for everybody else…

This is a local issue I believe, but there is nothing I can find online of how to fix this for my machine.

Yes, it does work for me.

It also mostly works at sitemeer.com/#https://entrepreneurscircle.org, though the UK checkpoint also seems to time out.

At this point my guess would be aforementioned selective block. Maybe your host has some networks blocked because of the outage yesterday or in general. Unfortunately that is something only your host can look into.

Thank you, I’ll speak to my host in regards to network blockage.

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