Local domains with DNS over HTTPS

Hi all,

I just switched my FIOS router’s DNS to use, and configured all my browsers to use DNS over HTTPS via Cloudflare. Testing at shows that I’m sending DNS queries securely, and all is working as expected…except internal hosts.

My FIOS router’s admin page is normally reached via “myfiosgateway.com”, and the internal DNS domain it assigns to local hosts is “fios-router.home”. With the secure DNS turned on in Chrome, neither of these will resolve. If I turn secure DNS off, it starts working again.

I’m sure I’m just missing something obvious - any ideas? I really don’t want to add hosts entries to all my machines.

Thanks in advance

EDIT: tried this in Firefox, and even with DNS over HTTPS turned on, I can access the .home host, but not myfiosgateway.com.